Prickly pear seed oil

The beauty secret for skin, hair, scalp and nails. Prickly pear seed oil from Morocco

The oil, obtained in a very complex process, is considered a real fountain of youth: Due to the high content of antioxidants such as vitamin E, which protects cells from free radicals, prickly pear seed oil moisturizes our skin, hair and nails, restores balance and prevents the increasing aging.



Prickly pear oil supports natural cell renewal, slows the appearance of wrinkles, moisturizes and prevents unpopular shadows under the eyes. Age and pigment spots as well as crow’s feet are significantly minimized, the complexion appears firmer and healthier. Prickly pear oil also helps to achieve a soothing and calming result in cases of neurodermatitis. By the way, mixed with hyaluron it acts as a gentle and caring make-up remover. With the amino acid polin, cellulite is additionally combated: After showering or bathing, the gentle and sparing massage is recommended as a soothing and skin-tightening ritual.



Prickly pear oil smoothes the hair structure and provides a lot of shine and smoothness. As a cure in the hair ends, split ends are prevented and optimal protection is provided. With a regular oil massage for hair and scalp, the valuable ingredients can work deep into the fibers and develop optimally. Of course, the nourishing and protective effect is also guaranteed on the nails – for beautiful, strong and rosy fingernails and toenails.

Valuable ingredients for our beauty and health


In prickly pear seed oil unsaturated fatty acids are contained in a very high concentration. The proportions of linoleic acid and tocopherols are particularly pronounced. Linoleic acid, also called omega-6 fatty acid, is needed by the organism for metabolic processes, but is not produced by the body itself. It also stimulates blood clotting and thus prevents inflammatory processes in the body, which is a great benefit especially in skin care. Tokopherols, which includes vitamin E, for example, is responsible for the antioxidant effect of prickly pear seed oil. This acts as a barrier to protect our organism, skin and hair from environmental toxins, ionized radiation (cell phones, computers, TV), alcohol, drugs, cigarette smoke and negative stress.

Careful production for particularly high quality


The production of prickly pear oil is very complex. For one liter of oil 450 kg of fruit are processed. This corresponds to 4000 fruits with 1 million seeds. The cactus fruits are both harvested by hand, peeled, carefully pitted and air-dried after washing. To ensure optimal quality of the oil, the seeds are stored in a cool and dry place until the need for pressed oil. As the kernels harden through storage, they are heated to 50 degrees Celsius in preparation for further processing, making them soft and pliable again. The subsequent cold pressing process is particularly gentle in preserving all the valuable ingredients. Finally, the prickly pear seed oil is filtered several times, giving it its typical golden yellow color. Beware of cheaters: Faster processes in combination with heat as well as the addition of dangerous chemicals speed up the process and lower the price – neither Moroccan workers, nor nature, nor our bodies are happy with this.